Hello Obama, does Israel have the right or legitimacy for its crimes against humanity?

Hello Obama, does Israel have the right or legitimacy for its crimes
against humanity?


One of the key elements of a democracy is its explicit attitude to
past, present and future both in terms of treatment of domestic
opponents and policy for other nations. Israel is eager to create a
greater Israel by taking away all Palestine lands Israeli regime is
taking revenge for the alleged holocaust in Germany, by killing the
Palestinians. Fundamentally, current and future generations cannot be
held hostage in perpetuity by Zionist Israel for crimes committed by
past generations but killing Palestinians is the Zionist double
crimes. USA and EU allow these crimes by Israeli military as
self-punishment for their own past crimes against criminal Jews.

In view of Israel’s latest devastating spree codenamed Operation
Protective Edge, some 17,000 homes bombed and destroyed, over 2,000
civilians killed including 500 children, and over 500,000 people made
homeless — the time for the reckoning has to be now! Deaths have
become a part of Palestine phenomenon of existence under brutal
occupation of Israel. Twelve million Palestine children under the age
of five die annually from preventable diseases and malnutrition.

In fact, Israel is establishing a fascist ideology based on the
“supremacy” of God’s “chosen people” whose colonial Apartheid
objectives include the savage military ethnic cleansing of the
indigenous people of Palestine and Tel Aviv is establishing it by the
continual bribing and corrupting of the elected representatives of
other nations, by misusing the UN. So, Israelis, like the Nazis, must
be made accountable and punishable for their war crimes; and that
collective cowardice, criminal cooperation, and culpable complicity
with regards to Israel are an irresponsible dereliction of duty to all
humanity. Israel will not be satisfied until every Palestinian home,
hospital and school has been reduced to rubble with bombs supplied by
courtesy of US taxpayers; and Israel will not be satisfied until every
drop of Palestinian blood has soaked into the stolen Palestinian lands
on which more illegal Jewish settlements will be built against all
norms and international law.
Most criminal Jews claim Israel essentially as Jewish state to support
and promote Zionism exists as a fulfillment of a promise made by God
Himself. This is a blatant lie because by God Israeli fascists mean
those individual Jews who wrote something like that as a favorite time
pass mechanism after heavy drinks and drugs. By placing a stamp of God
is itself is a major deceptive trick of Jews. Jews either in Israel
or outside are not really believers because believers do not drink
human blood or human meat as their favorite prerogative. Israelis do
exactly do that by pouncing upon the people of Palestine with US
Like global dictator USA, its ally fascist Israel that keep killing
the neighboring Palestinians on false grounds of a past story scripted
by some fanatic individuals, also clams to be democracy – as the only
democracy in Mideast and West Asia at that! Simply laughing at the
cruel terrocratic phenomenon is not enough, though!
USA and Europe grant legitimacy to Israel for its crimes in Palestine.
Culpable complicity with Israel’s barbarous criminality takes many
forms including nations who either abstain or vote against UN
resolutions condemning Israel’s persistent persecution of the
Palestinian people — the USA has used more vetoes on behalf of Israel
than it has on behalf of itself. In place of the needy punitive
measures, criminal cooperation is the provision to Israel of
preferential access to US and European Union markets including the
latter’s failure to enforce laws prohibiting the import of Israeli
goods produced in the Occupied Territories; criminal cooperation is
investment in Israel which in 2012 alone rose 14.5% to $73.9 billion
with American investors accounting for $19.7 billion. Culpable
complicity includes the provision of military-related equipment to
Israel with the knowledge that it will be used for the continued
oppression of the Palestinian people in the illegally Occupied
Genuine legitimacy, like respect, cannot be feigned, fabricated,
purchased or purloined: it has to be earned with commendable conduct
and well intentioned cooperation in the affairs of all humankind. And
thus Israel should be accountable for its crimes for decades in
Palestine. Legitimacy cannot be claimed by Israel on the basis of some
manmade Biblical narrative written thousands of years ago by ancient
Jewish record-keepers, scribes intent on inventing a Jewish people and
creating a Jewish nation.
Like all previous US presidents who may have ever thought that Israel
wanted peace, must have been faint-hearted, foolish or complete
frauds, Obama is also a fraud-criminal who seeks to control the world
by militarism. Also, unfortunately, so far most political and
religious leaders including the Pope and apart from retired Anglican
bishop Desmond Tutu have failed to unconditionally condemn Operation
Protective Edge..
Both USA and Israel claim legitimacy for the Zionist crimes in
Palestine for years. Genuine legitimacy for a Zionist Apartheid Israel
cannot be established by the silencing of demands for accountability
for contemptible and illegal behaviour with impunity. Israel would
ignore it but educated American tribes should know that legitimacy
cannot be established by devilish duplicity, denial of obvious
criminality, or the deprivation of human and political rights for
Palestinians and other weak nations; it cannot be established by
numerous self-serving false flag operations by Israeli military.
Entire world, all powers, just watched the regular Jewish shows of
eating the Palestinian flesh and drinking their blood profusely. The
collective cowardice resulting from the fear of being stigmatised as
anti-Semites or Holocaust deniers is an irrational and immoral
reaction to the well financed and orchestrated Zionist campaign for
the promotion of guilt-inducing reminders of the Holocaust — otherwise
known as the Holocaust industry.
Since what has just occurred in Gaza is not unconditionally condemned
and punished by the UNSC, JCJ and ICC, the Zionist attack will most
certainly reoccur as it has been doing for over 60 years. Israel’s
parasitic inclinations will not be satisfied until every drop of
drinkable water which it has not already stolen, becomes too
contaminated for Palestinians to drink.
Israel will only be satisfied if all Palestinian children have been
traumatised by the experience of seeing their parents being hounded,
humiliated, imprisoned without due process, and in many cases simply
murdered. Clearly, Israel will not be satisfied until Palestine air,
land and sea blockade of the occupied territories, preventing the
import of vital food and medical supplies, has induced malnutrition,
disease and death amongst the imprisoned and persecuted population.
Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those powers that who
could have acted to end Zionist crimes against humanity. After more
than sixty years of being paralysed into silence by the Zionist venom
( the stigma of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial) that prevented
condemnation of incalculable murdering, cheating, lying, stealing, and
ruthless violation of the legal and natural human rights of the
Palestinian people by Israel devoid of conscience, humanity, or any of
the noble principles of the religion to which it claims to belong, the
world in general and the US led West in particular have once again
been witness to Israel’s latest arrogant, barbaric, and contemptuous
assault on international law and the Universal Declaration of Human
Jews do not any more have a monopoly on suffering as is witnessed by
the fact that the millions of injuries and fatalities in Palestine
resulting from Israeli-induced fake conflicts. People everywhere,
including all those Americans who are either politically illiterate or
naively oblivious to reality and the true facts, have to be resolute
in deciding that goodwill towards Israel and tolerance for its crimes
against humanity can no longer permitted because of regret over the
Jews claim to be the most civilized people on earth because they are
the most favoured people of God, more than visibly the highly cultured
Ango-American Christians. So, they think they have the right to kill
the Palestinians besieged by Egypt-Israeli terror blockades.

Not only USA and EU but even the UNSC and legal agencies seem to agree
with Israeli thesis while shielding the Israeli criminal regime from
punishments for its crimes against humanity. They seem to protect
Israel as their prime duty assigned by God.



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