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India state arrogance: Blast at Kudankulam nuclear plant

India state arrogance: Blast at Kudankulam nuclear plant



Indian state and its nuclear agents have endangered the  people of India, the  poor locals who reside in  notorious nuclear  plant attack prone and  nuke attack prone zones. The state arrogance is complicated by  adamancy of political leaders at national and regional levels.  They care a damn aoub the people’s genuine concerns and put  them in  perpetual danger by adding more nuclear projects in their localities


A fresh blast has occurred the newly build nuclear power plant at Kudankulam village in Tamil Nadu, India, scarring the people of Kudankulam and entire Tamil Nadu.

Six workers got seriously injured and  they have been admitted to  a private  hospital in nearby Paravthipuram, Nagercoil. As expected the blast s did not harm any big plant officials, ministers, MPs or MLAs, or those Congress-BJP politicians who campaigned for start of the nuclear plant  in Kudankulam at any cost,  Obviously,  all concerned leaders Manmohan Singh, Narayana swamy, J. Jayalalithaaa, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, LK Advani, Karunanidhi, Vajpayee, Modi and  Tody, etc are safe in their respective AC bungalows made out of the resources  from the people. ,

The nuclear plant was put into operation recently and it already produced electrify, not knowing that it would blast any time. .

The nuclear tragedy, which is imminent, occurred at about 2 pm, causing serious doubts about the viability of nuclear plants as a reliable source of electricity generation when there are other safe sources available for the purpose. .

Unfortunately, the Indian government led by nuke agents pushed the Supreme court  to  clear the  operation of the plant saying everything at the plant is safe.

Indian regime, managed by both Congress and BJP have made nukes prediction as India’s major military policy and went ahead with commissioning nuclear plants with complete disregard for the safety of the nuke pants and security of the people living in nuke terror zones. .

Experts say in order to make nuclear energy more palatable for citizens, particularly in light of the accident in Fukushima in Japan earlier this year; the government will need placate the fears of its people over the safety and security of nuclear facilities.

There should a nationwide drive to guarantee that India can power its own economic growth and support a growing population without relying too heavily on nuclear plants.